Fire Department Installation

Chassis Wash System

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The Chassis Wash System by Johnson Wash Systems is an important accessory that you don't want to overlook when building a wash bay or purchasing a Large Vehicle Wash System. With the Automatic Chassis Wash your fleet of vehicles will receive the undercarriage cleaning your expensive vehicles require. Beyond providing your fleet of vehicles with a maintainable and clean undercarriage, the chassis wash will remove dirt, mud and other materials that build up under your vehicle, increasing fuel efficiency and making maintenance tasks much easier.

One of the most difficult places to clean of any vehicle is the undercarriage. It is also one of the most neglected areas when washing. Johnson Wash Systems has your automated chassis cleaning solution whatever the vehicle type.

The chassis wash system is capable of cleaning Fire Trucks and all support vehicles. The chassis wash and optional side spray delivers complete spray coverage with multiple spray angles. The side spray adaption is ideal for wheel washing as well as rocker panel cleaning.