HV Truck Wash System

HV Truck Wash System

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Automatic Bay

The equipment described in this manual provides an automatic wash of the vehicles on site. Additionally, there is a provision for washing off heavy mud buildup using manual equipment. The wash site consists of the Manual Wash Bay, two Automatic Equipment Bays, the Equipment Area, the Settling Pit, and the Pickup Pit.

This is a drive-through wash system. A photoeye sensor detects the vehicle entering the Wash Bay and starts the turbine pumps that supply water to the wash components. The pumps continue their high volume sprays until you exit the Wash Bay where the vehicle first blocks and then clears a second photoeye sensor that tells the turbine pumps to turn off.

Drive the vehicle through the Wash Bay at a speed of 1-2 feet per second.

The equipment in the wash system is controlled by an industrial computer referred to as the System Controller. The Controller is housed in Master Control Panel 1 located in the Equipment Area. The control structure is distributed over two other control panels in that area using a local area network and the Ethernet communication protocol.

All the water used to wash vehicles comes from previous wash cycles with the addition of some fresh make-up water, as required. This water, called gray water, collects into the drains and gravity feeds down into the inflow side of the Settling Pit where most of the heavier sediments settle out. The rising water level overflows into the second side of the Settling Pit, the outflow section, and from there flows into the Pickup Pit. More sediment settling takes place in the outflow section of the Settling Pit and the water collecting in the Pickup Pit is clean enough for use in future wash cycles.

The Pickup Pit has two chambers: the primary section that the Settling Pit drains into, and the pickup section, where the water is pumped out of during future wash cycles.

Vehicles are washed in the Wash Bay, a concrete pad next to the Settling Pits. The automatic wash equipment consists of Left Hand and Right Hand Side Sprayers and a Chassis Washer. Photoeye sensors at the entrance and exit to the Wash Bay control the starting and stopping of the automatic wash cycle.

Manual Bay

A manual wash area is located on the right hand side of the Wash Bay near the entrance. This area contains a WashGun assembly where you can manually hose off dirt and mud from a stationary vehicle that might be missed during an automatic wash cycle. The WashGun unit also provides a good way to hose down the Wash Bay floor between wash cycles.

The manual wash operation is controlled by you using pushbutton switches on a control station. There are buttons to start and stop the Manual Wash Pump, a green indicator light that tells when the pump is running, and an Emergency Stop button, or E-Stop, to shut down the pumps in an emergency situation.