Gantry Wash System

Gantry2To enhance your company image and quality of service, while protecting our environment, it is more important than ever to keep your fleet of vehicles impeccably clean. This principle has led Johnson Wash Systems to create a product line of cost-saving, environmentally efficient, automatic heavy duty truck and bus wash systems. The systems are proven cost savers, labor reducers and incredibly consistent in their ability to clean virtually all types of trucks, buses and equipment.

The most important advantage! Time and cost savings go right to your bottom line! Study the industry and the facts will become apparent. No other type of washing system (manual or automatic) can match the speed, quality and efficiency of the Johnson Wash Systems rollovers. Cleaning efficiency is just one component in the formula - you must have super clean vehicles! This has been guaranteed by Johnson Wash Systems' years of vehicle cleaning experience worldwide and its team of experienced engineers, who combine today's technology with first hand knowledge and expertise!

The world's most complete and technically advanced rollover solution for trucks and buses features variable speed electronic drive and amperage sensing brush systems that rotate in both directions, cross the center point, and gently and safely clean virtually all surfaces. A vehicle contouring, touch-free, high pressure washing system can be combined with high pressure, zero-degree spinning nozzles to create a touch free wash with unrivaled cleaning results, regardless of the vehicle’s shape. Of course the high pressure can be combined with a brush wash for superb all around cleaning results! Johnson Wash System's fingertip control system and open programming concept ensure washing will meet your job-matched needs! Dozens of options are available, such as photo eye start, walk along remote, undercarriage wash, two step pre-soaks, spot free rinse, wax applications, high pressure spinning nozzles, splash guards, reclaim, and many versions of medium and high pressure gantry configurations.

Take Advantage of Our Washing Efficiency

Johnson Wash Systems understands no two washing applications are alike, so we have created a full line of solutions and optional accessories designed at maximizing the efficiency of your wash. Consult with your Johnson Wash Systems sales professional, who will provide you with information on typical bays, equipment layouts, conceptual designs and business pro formas.

Our drive-thru bus washing system combines both rollover technology and drive-thru washing to create a thorough yet incredibly fast automatic washing system for bus fleets that need to wash high volumes. The PL can be equipped with options such as two step pre-soak, undercarriage wash, wax and spot free rinse applications, reclaim and high and medium pressure pre-washes.

Johnson Wash Systems' automatic washing solutions have been engineered to meet the demanding needs of transportation professionals; speed, environmental efficiency, automation, and technology combine to achieve thorough yet gentle and targeted cleaning results. We have created automatic solutions for washing vehicles of different heights, widths and shapes, special rollovers for small fleets and high volume machines for the largest of bus depots! All of our automatic washes are equipped with state of the art technology to guarantee the best possible results while leaving the vehicle's finish and accessories in perfect condition. The quality created by our electronic brush drive and control system, combined with our programming, create endless possibilities for washing today's difficult to clean vehicles.