Tire Wash System

Track-outs generated at various working sites contaminate nearby roads. After the track-outs dry, they float in the form of flying dust, which devastate surrounding regions and may cause serious respiratory ailments.

The following tire washers are the best choices that can solve these problems. They have monolithic structures and can easily be installed. The products give solutions that fit in your working sites via various models and options.


Drive Thru Tire Wash

The drive thru wheel washer has a simple structure with high durability. It only requires low-cost maintenance and is very easy to use. Therefore, this product fits in working sites where traffic is heavy, such as stone pits, quarries, mines, landfills, aggregate pits, etc.




  • Automatic sludge discharge by conveyor system
  • Automatic pump screen self-cleaning system
  • Emergency stop button
  • Automatic operation using a dual photo sensor
  • Checks washing times with a counter
  • Scalability that makes a serial installation possible
  • Easy installation and withdrawal
  • Easy to move with its 4 lifting lugs



  • Attachable conveyor tank
  • Serial extendable main frame
  • Various pump options
  • Emergency stop button
  • Automatic operation with photo sensor
  • Checks washing times with a counter
  • Versatile application with modular structure
  • Maximizes durability with zinc galvanizing
  • Maximizes washing of all tire surfaces and the bottom of the vehicle with a total of 196 nozzles